• Longswords
    +1 MELEE Advantage
  • Brass Talismans
    +1 MAGIC Advantage
  • Dusky Cloaks
    +1 STEALTH Advantage
  • Trusted Maps
    Your base move +1
  • Leather Armor
    Prevent up to 2 warrior losses per battle card
  • Blessed Sceptres
    After you Reinforce, remove 1 skull from the building on your space


Brutal Warlord

  • +1 Melee Advantage
  • +1 Wild Advantage when you battle
  • (opt) After you reinforce, also gain 6 warriors
  • (opt) After you battle, if you lost at least 10 Warrior
  • (opt) If you double your move, gain +1 Wild Advantage

Orphaned Scion

  • +1 Magic Advantage
  • After you Cleanse, remove 1 skull from any building
  • (opt) At the start of your turn, remove 1 skull from a building in your home kingdom
  • (opt) Spend 1 Spirit to prevent up to 6 warrior losses from a battle card or dungeon room.
  • (opt) +1 Wild Advantage for each building with no skulls on or adjacent to your space

Relic Hunter

  • +1 Humanoid Advantage
  • When you Reinforce at a bazaar, spend 1 less spirit to gain a treasure
  • (opt) When you spend a potion, double the number on it
  • (opt) When you psend (not lose) a treasure, gain the top card of the treasure deck
  • (opt) Spend 4 potions to remove a foe from your space


  • +1 Stealth advantage
  • Your base move is 4
  • (opt) You may Reinforce twice per turn at the same building
  • (opt) At the end of each month, gain 15 warriors
  • (opt) When you complete a monthly quest, you may remove a foe instead of gaining spirit


N: +2 Wild Advantage in mountains
S: +2 Wild Advantage in deserts
E: +2 Wild Advantage in hills
W: +2 Wild Advantage in forests