ChatGPT + Google Book API = Bliss!

By John Hawkins / January 17, 2023

In 2019, I started walking a few miles each morning. While walking, I would listen to audiobooks. Before I knew it, I was ripping through books at a pretty good pace. So of course, I wanted a way to track the books I was reading and what was on my To Read list. I had…

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How can I help you and bring awareness to Mental Health issues at the same time?

By John Hawkins / May 5, 2020

The other day I opened up my Paypal account and saw my balance was $55. I headed over to and donated $50 of it. If you didn’t know, May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and OSMI is leading the charge in the tech space. Their tagline says it all for me, “Changing how we…

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How I Learned to Stop Being Judgmental and Just Be Grateful

By John Hawkins / February 17, 2020

After a couple of decades of working with clients, I’ve learned a lot about how I like to work with them. For example, I know that I like to have a video kickoff call where I can ask questions and read facial expressions as we discuss the project. It helps me to gauge their interest…

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Habits: can’t stop, won’t stop

By John Hawkins / May 19, 2019

Back in March, I wrote about Building Better Habits. I had just started a new daily plan to incorporate some good habits into my life and maybe get rid of some bad ones. My concern being that this plan would fizzle out and I’d be back to my old ways before I knew it. Then,…

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A story not exactly about speed reading

By John Hawkins / April 12, 2019

It has only been over the past couple years that I’ve realized that I’ve probably been battling depression my entire life. The wider my eyes are to this fact is giving me some new and interesting perspective on situations that come up. Depression, as you may know, likes to ebb and flow. I have gone…

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A month of tiny habits

By John Hawkins / April 7, 2019

Last month I wrote about building better habits. At the time, I had just started working on a series of daily activities that I wanted to turn into habits. When I first started, I put a few daily habits in place and figured I would just see how things went. It’s now been just about…

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Building better habits

By John Hawkins / March 17, 2019

I am a creature of habit. When I get onto a certain kick, it’s hard to get off it. For example, breakfast. I’ve had a bowl of oatmeal with coconut flakes and granola almost every day for breakfast for the past several years. For me it ticks all the boxes I’m looking for in a…

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Reframing Conversations

By John Hawkins / July 15, 2018

A while back, a friend wrote a great post about how she’s no longer going to say sorry. OK, before you think that sounds like a jerk move, she’ll still apologize for those times when she’s an asshole, accidentally thoughtless, or breaks a commitment. But, she’s not going to say sorry for things she’s just…

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An unplanned change of allegiances

By John Hawkins / April 14, 2018

I’ve been a hockey fan since I went to my first game in February of 1990. Somebody gave me free tickets to see the Kings beat the crap out of the Quebec Nordiques. Instantly, a Kings fan was born. Twenty two years later I had the amazing opportunity to watch the Kings win the Stanley…

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