Stories of Mom

By John Hawkins / January 16, 2017

Yesterday, while we were visiting with mom, I was asking my kids to tell a story about their favorite memories with grandma. Paxton told about a trip to Knott’s Berry Farm, and Blake talked about a time she was doing sand-art with her. I really enjoyed it, so I went ahead and asked my Nephew…

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My 3 Words for 2017

By John Hawkins / January 1, 2017

Each year, for the past several years, Chris Brogan has been posting his “3 words” for the coming year on January first. It’s a bit different than making New Year’s resolutions. Instead, it’s more like setting the tone for yourself in order to make the year a successful one. I highly suggest you check out…

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Raising awareness for mental illness in tech

By John Hawkins / December 1, 2016

At our company retreat earlier this year Michael Beckwith gave a presentation about taking care of yourself. Of course he talked about eating right and getting some exercise, but he also talked about taking care of yourself mentally. It was a great presentation and I hope he turns it into a WordCamp presentation at some…

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